Word could not load this add-in

Have just upgraded to Endnote X2 and Word 2008 for the Mac. Word will not recognize Endnote. I get this message on startup: “Word could not load this add-in program” (Endnote CWYW Word X)

I’m running this on Mac OS X 10.4.11  (PowerPC)

Ok, I figured this out thanks to help from our local admin. I had to follow the instructions in Chapter 1: Macintosh EndNote Installation (p20) “Manually Installing Support for Word X, 2004 or 2008”

First problem was that the startup file location was pointing to an old installation.

Goto “Perferences” under the Word pulldown menu and choose “File Locations.” Make sure this points to Macintosh HD:Applications:Microsoft Office 2008: Office:Startup:Word.

I also copied the files “EndNote CWYW Commands.dot” and “EndNote Web CWYW Commands.dot” from “Endnote X2:Cite While You Write” folder to Users:[your folder]:Library:Application Support:EndNote.

The CWYW Word 2008.bundle file was already in the correct location.

After restarting, Word now recognizes EndNote.

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