Word shuts down every time I insert a reference


I have EndNote X8 and Im using word for writing.

Every time I insert a reference my word document shuts down and opens again. 

The reference is where it should be in my text, but additionally it added all references in the end. Ending up with multiple references. Same thing happens when I’m editing a reference, word closes down and opens. 

What can be the problem here?

It is possible that your document has corrupt field codes in it. We have a KB article on our web site that gives the steps to remove all of the field codes and clean up the document. You should first make a backup of your Word document and then follow the steps:


If this does not resolve the issue then please contact Technical Support directly
1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



We are here to help whenever you run into issues.

Hey, I had the same problem and the solution works.

But it should be noted that I have lost all the cross-references related to figures and tables - so it is important to note to do this with caution.