Compatibility issues - X3 vs. X4 with Word, Pages, and Snow Leopard

As a long-time user of EndNote, Word, and Pages, I am constantly frustrated whenever dealing with EndNote upgrades. I have a couple simple questions for which I can’t find answers easily in the forums.

I am currently running X3, Word 2008, Pages 09 and everything works fine. But I am considering upgrades to the newest version of Pages, to Word 2011, and X4. 

  1. If I upgrade to Word 11, I realize that X4 will not work with it at present (an upgrade on the way in early 2011), but will X3 work with it in the meantime? If not, then it is highly unlikely that I will upgrade to X4 until Thompson Reuters comes up with an upgrade.

  2. Will X3 work with Pages 09 in Snow Leopard as X3 does currently with Pages 09 in Leopard?

  3.  Will X4 work with Pages 09 in Snow Leopard as X3 does currently with Pages 09 in Leopard? If the answer to this question and to question 1 are both no, then there is no way that I would upgrade to X4 until Thompson Reuters gets its act together on upgrades for both Pages and Word.

The EndNote support site does provide some handy compatibility charts here - For quick reference, I’ve provided answers to your specific questions below.

  1. No, EndNote X3 is not compatibile with Word 2011. The upcoming support will only be available for X4.

  2. EndNote X3 is not officially compatible with Snow Leopard and the primary compatibility issue reported dealt with printing from Word 2008. Related to Pages, there were compatibility issues posted here but these were addressed with a Pages update as noted on the last page. So if you decide to use this combination, you’ll want to make sure you have the latest Pages update.

  3. Yes, X4 is compatible with Pages 09 and Snow Leopard.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

OK, thanks for the straightforward reply.