How to link non-adjacent elements in a footnote template?


Background: I’m in need of a German legal output style and currently trying to create a footnote-based output style for Endnote X6.0.1 (Mac).


The “Year”-element shall be surrounded by brackets if input for a certain other element is present. While this is trivial for the open bracket in the first example below, I haven’t found any solution for the close bracket and the second example yet.


<Author, Title, Year> vs. <Author, Title, Edition (Year)>   ///brackets around year depending on input for edition (based on the Byrd/Lehmann suggestion for monographs)

<Author, Journal Year> vs. <Author, Volume Journal (Year)>  ///brackets around year depending on input for volume

Thank you very much for your help!

At present EndNote’s “link adjacent text” does not extend to non-adjacent elements. But have you considered creating a refererence type dedicated to accommodate references which coincide to the specifications of your 2 examples? EndNote provides 3 unused reference templates (see image) which can be modified to your specifications and in turn you can develop a corresponding footnote template which accommodates the conditions shown in each of your example.