Microsoft word starting problem mac


I have installed Microsft Word 360 in a mac OX El Captain, since I installed Endnote when I going to open Word it always asks access to a file named “com.ThomsonResearchSoft.EndNote.plist”

I always have to click on cancel option in order to open Word. How can this issue may be fixed? It makes that Word takes long time to be open.  

Thanks for your advice.

A google of that term found this article.  Not a Mac user, so don’t know how much it helps:

and references these two Knowledgebase articles:

If you are using a 64 bit program the second kb is possibly most relevent.  

Thanks, @leanne.

Yes, @nicmore, this issue was fixed with X7.5.3, the latest release of EndNote. On the EndNote menu, go to EndNote X7 > Check for Updates to install. 

My problem is more basic: I just installed on my Mac Word 2016 and El Capitan but now I don’t have a connection to Endnote. I am running version X75.3 Bld 11252.

Hi @mary63!

What version of Word 2016 are you on? Can you look under Word > About Word? If you are an Office Insider and have updated to any of the builds listed out in my other post here:

you should sign up for our beta to get access to a 64 bit version of the Cite While you Write tools.

If you aren’t on any of those builds, or would like some help troubleshooting, please get in touch with our Support team here:

Hope this helps,

Meredith M. 

Word 15.24.

Hi @mary63,

If it is version 15.24 (160707), that’s a 64 bit version of Word 2016, requiring the beta version of the CWYW tools available here:

If it isn’t, then I’d recommend contacting Support:

Thank you,

Meredith M. 

I have the same problem: Mac Word version 15.24 (160709) which I think is the old 32 bit, yet Endnote 7.3 has stopped working. Restarting the computer didn’t help.

What is the best thing to do now?

Hi @thombody. I would contact Support to see fi they can troubleshoot:

I worked it out: this is for Mac Word 15.24 and Endnote 7.53

  1. Close Word and EndNote.
  2. Open your hard drive and go to the following folder: EndNote X7: Applications:EndNote X7:Cite While You Write.
  3. Copy the file “EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle” by highlighting the file and going to “Edit > Copy.”
  4. Go to the folder Applications: Office:Startup:Word and paste the file, "Edit Paste.
  5. "Note: In non-English versions of Word, the folder named “Startup” may be called “Start” or be in the localized language of Word.
  6. Start Word, go to “Word > Preferences” and click on “File Locations.”
  7. If the Startup folder is not set, highlight “Startup” and click on “Modify”. Select the folder Applications:Office:Startup:Word and click “Choose.”
  8. Click “OK” and close Word.
  9. Start EndNote and then start Word

Excel.plist,, and/or At that point restart your PC.