X5 & Word 2011 Not Responding on Mountain Lion 10.8.2

I’ve got Endnote x5 installed on a Mac running Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Also running MS Word 2011 with all updates applied. Although I’ve had some intermittant difficulties since installing Mountain Lion, Endnote has been working relatively fine. 

I installed the Endnote Web components today and everything has gone downhill. I’ve been getting freezes and crashes in Word. Tried uninstalling everything using the supplied uninstallers without luck. Reinstalled Endnote, but not the Endnote Web component. Now I get an error stating Endnote is not responding. error = -1712. 

Word is completely non-responsive. Have to force-quit to get it working again. Any help would be appreciated. 

I have been having these exact same problems on one of my machines.  I reboot solved that one, but now I am having it on another.  Let me know if rebooting solves your problem, otherwise maybe X6 will be more stable on 10.8.2, since they will probably stop updating 4.0.2 now.

I have similar problems. MS Word 2011 crashes and could not write to file.  An Endnote  X5 Alert pops up to ask if I want tio save the CWYW.dotm file.  Any upadates or fixes from Thomson Reuters?

The exact same problem!!! Drive me crazy!!! It used to work perfectly. But now word always freeze when I want to cite!!! Now I use Pages instead…

I have been having the same problems the past couple of days. Removing the .dotm files from the startup folder seems to work for a short while and then the same problem starts all over again. Its infuriating when you’re trying to write up a paper.

In the same boat here, though with X6.  

Not sure if this thread here addresses the issue or not:



For those of you who have installed Mac OS 10.8.2 and are experiencing slowness while working within EndNote, please try this test:  

1.  Open your Activity Monitor.  Activity Monitor is found inside a folder called “Utilities”, which is inside your “Applications” folder.  

2.  With the Activity Monitor running, choose “All Processes” from the “Show” drop-down and then sort the display by the “Process Name” column by clicking the column’s label.  

3.  After sorting this list by Process Name, look for a process called ‘appleeventsd’.  If you are able to find the appleeventsd process, highlight this entry and click “Quit Process”.  

4.  When you are prompted to confirm this action, press “Force Quit”.  

5.  Once appleeventsd has been reset by the Force Quit selection, switch back to EndNote to see if you’re still experiencing slowness.

If you are getting the error “Endnote is not responding. error = -1712,” please restart the machine. More information can be found at the following knowledge base article:


Please let me know what you find.  

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